At parallel, we value learning and always strive to increase our knowledge base and become better at what we do. To that end, principals and staff are encouraged and supported to pursue many forms of education and self-improvement, ranging from continuing education credits to architectural licensing, from on-line CAD classes to LEED accreditation.

Our monthly MAP (Methods and Procedures) meetings often become a forum for learning, as principals and staff discuss current issues and brainstorm for optimal solutions. We share information and techniques to help each other become more skilled and efficient, with each person bringing their unique background and perspective to the table.  In addition, staff participates in site analysis visits and site visits during construction. We feel that it important that each project team member get to know the site and the project, to meet clients and client representatives, and to get the biggest possible picture of the project.

We pride ourselves on our extensive reference library which is available to every person at parallel. The library is divided into several sections:

  • Product Library—including samples, product catalogs, cut sheets, and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Code Library—including Trade Manuals, Building Code books, Zoning, Planning, and Engineering Standards for every municipality and county in which we work.
  • Architectural Library—including books on architecture and architects, books on a wide variety of project types, technical design information.