How We Do It

Parallel is a comprehensive design and planning firm with both the responsibility and the ability to create works which positively affect the individual and the community for years to come.  Our office structure supports our vision through “studios” which focus on a spectrum of project types and client needs.
These studios consist of:

  • Architecture Studios— shaping the environment around us (commercial, retail, resorts & hospitality, mixed-use, wineries, multi-family housing, custom residential, and quality assurance)
  • Planning Studios—envisioning the potential of our communities (urban planning, urban villages & town centers, resort communities, and transit-oriented development, as well as visioning & design guidelines, and master-planned communities)
  • Development Services Studios—working with developers and other decision-makers for successful solutions (strategic visions and program development, site identification and acquisition, assembly of project teams. financial models, budgets, pro forma analysis, and partnering)

Responsibility for these studios and their subdivisions is divided among Parallel’s principals according to their skills and background.  In addition, because of our extensive alliances with a wide range of professionals, Parallel is able to add new studios at a moment’s notice, increasing our flexibility and enabling us to respond rapidly to a greater diversity of project types and client needs.

Parallel also delivers highly technical services, which facilitate all of our assignments, by incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3-D modeling, visual studies, and incorporation of Sustainability and Green Design if desired.