East Creek Village

Visalia, California

The design of this project is a direct result of Visalia’s East Downtown Strategic Plan, which outlines a comprehensive vision for the development of the area. The design of this 12 acre site incorporates many goals outlined in the plan including a linear creek park and trail connecting East Creek Village to the new civic center and downtown. New streets extend the historic 1852 downtown block pattern and create strong visual and pedestrian connections to adjacent neighborhoods and downtown. The existing railway is integrated into the project by way of a transit street which has the potential for a future light rail system. The retailers and cafes in East Creek Village will conveniently serve the employees and visitors of the civic center. This mixed-use center will feature a landmark tower, a plaza, and a water feature which will give East Creek Village a strong identity and a sense of place. The tower will visually connect this new neighborhood with adjacent parts of town. Residential neighborhoods are also integrated into the East Creek Village. These neighborhoods will feature both attached and detached single-family homes. The rowhouses will be two to three stories in height, with front stoops and patio and garages at the rear. The detached cottage homes have features such a front porches, bay windows, and balconies, and garages that face a rear alley. Lushly landscaped parkways and walks will connect front entries, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment which also connect to the commercial areas (R2L).